Chongzhi Zang Lab  


BIMS 8701/8702: Introduction to Computational Biology I/II

Spring 2024: Course website

BIMS 6000: Core Course in Integrative Biosciences

Fall 2023 Lecture: Visualization and interpretation of high-throughput genomics data. [Slides]

BIMS 8601: Foundations of Computational Genomics

Spring 2022: Course website

BIOC 8014: Chromatin

Spring 2022 Lecture: Super-enhancers and transcriptional condensates. [Slides]

BIOC 8145: Bioinformatics and Functional Analysis of Genomes

Spring 2020: Module: Analysis of ChIP-seq data

Lecture 1: ChIP-seq overview and data analysis strategy. [Video] [Slides]

Lecture 2: ChIP-seq data analysis: QC and peak calling. [Video] [Slides]

Lecture 3: ChIP-seq data interpretation and resources. [Video] [Slides]

BIMS 8075 / BIOC 5705 / PHS 5705: Recent Advances in Public Health Genomics

Spring 2021 Lecture: The epigenome: Transcription factors and histone modifications. [Video] [Slides]

Spring 2020 Lecture: The epigenome: Transcription factors and histone modifications

Spring 2017 Lecture: The Epigenome: Tools

BIOL 4910 / CHEM 3951: Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students who are doing research training in the lab can register for credits through Chemistry or Biology departments. Please contact Dr. Zang for details.

Guest Lectures

Fall 2021

UVA BME 1501: Introduction to Bioinformatics: My Journey in Bioinformatics

Spring 2021

NYU EHSC-GA-2050: Epigenetics and Environmental Diseases: Analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing Data for Epigenetics

May 2016

NCI Data Analysis Workshop: Analyzing ChIP-seq data with SICER

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