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Principal Investigator

Chongzhi Zang, PhD

Office: West Complex, Room 6131C
Phone: 434-243-5397
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Dr. Chongzhi Zang is an Assistant Professor in the Center for Public Health Genomics, University of Virginia School of Medicine. He holds faculty appointments in the Departments of Public Health Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, and Biomedical Engineering at UVA. He is also a faculty member of the UVA Cancer Center and the UVA Data Science Institute. Chongzhi received his BS in physics from Peking University and PhD in physics from the George Washington University. He did his undergraduate research in high-field laser physics with Jie Zhang at the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his PhD research in computational biophysics with Weiqun Peng and Keji Zhao at the National Institutes of Health. Prior to joining UVA, he completed his postdoctoral training with Xiaole Shirley Liu at Harvard University's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Chongzhi is a computational biologist with expertise in cancer epigenomics. His research focuses on algorithm development for high-throughput genomic data analytics and integrative modeling of gene regulatory networks in mammalian cell systems.

Research Scientists

Zhenjia Wang, PhD

Zhenjia joined the lab as a postdoctoral research associate in January 2017 and have been a research scientist since June 2021. She received her PhD in bioinformatics from School of Mathematics, Shandong University in China. She is working on integration of publicly available transcription factor ChIP-seq data for studying functional gene regulation, and integration of RNA-seq data with ChIP-seq data for studying epigenetic mechanisms of cancer.

Sheng'en Shawn Hu, PhD

Dr. Sheng'en Shawn Hu becomes a research scientist after postdoctoral training in the lab. Before joining UVA in November 2017, he completed his PhD training in bioinformatics from School of Life Science and Technology, Tongji University in China, and was a visiting student at Harvard University. He is working on developing computatinoal methodology of integrating high-throughput chromatin accessibility data for studying functional gene regulation.

Postdoctoral Associates

Qingying Chen, PhD

Qingying Chen joined the lab as a postdoctoral research associate in January 2021. She received her PhD in physics from the University of Tulsa and her B.S. in Applied Physics from Xi’an Jiaotong University in China. Her research focused on designing, simulating, and testing the interference filters for the phonic sensing, and developing coating techniques to functionalize the integrated sensing elements. She is interested in computational biology and excited to gain experience in bioinformatics research.

William F. Lamberti, PhD

William Franz Lamberti received his B.A. in Mathematical Statistics from The College of New Jersey in 2015 and his M.S. in Statistical Science from George Mason University in 2017. Before joining UVA, he received his PhD in Computational Sciences and Informatics with a specialization in Data Science from George Mason University where he was a Presidential Scholar. His current research interests include image processing applications, shape analysis, and statistical and machine learning classification problems. He is planning on incorporating skills in explainable machine learning and imaging to spatial genomics problems.

Yidan Cong, PhD

Yidan Cong joined the lab as a postdoctoral research associate in June 2021. She received her PhD in chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, M.S. in data science from Northwestern University, and B.S. in chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University. Her PhD research focused on synthesizing and characterizing supersoft materials that mimic biological tissues’ mechanical and optical properties, as well as developing computational tools to quantitatively correlate materials’ structure and properties. She is excited about utilizing machine learning algorithms to tackle challenging genomics research problems.

Graduate Students

Mengxue Tian

Mengxue Tian is a PhD student in the Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) program. Before joining UVA as a research specialist in 2019, she received her B.E. and M.S. in Bioinformatics from School of Life Science and Technology, Tongji University in China. She is working on high-throughput genomics data analysis for studying transcription and replication mechanisms in different disease and biological systems.

Hongpan Zhang

Hongpan Zhang is a PhD student in the Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) program. Before joining the lab in 2019, he obtained two bachelor's degrees in life sciences and software engineering from Sichuan University. Hongpan is keen to study the connection between genomic phenomena and diseases. He hopes to raise his knowledge of biological issues in his research work. Hongpan is a basketball fan and also loves other sports events. He is interested in historical knowledge as well.

Zhaoxia Ma

Zhaoxia Ma is a PhD student in the Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) program. She received her M.S. in Operational Research and Computational Systems Biology from Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and B.S. in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Honors Science Program) from Xi’an Jiaotong University. She is interested in developing computational models and utilizing computational methods to analyze genomics and epigenomics data. She enjoys listening to music and playing badminton.

Andrew Vanichkachorn

Drew Vanichkachorn is a graduate student in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program. He joined the lab in 2019 as a 3rd Year undergraduate student majoring in Global Public Health. Drew is excited to be learning about genomics and believes this field to be important in the future of medicine. He is also interested in music and enjoys playing the piano and viola when he can.

Research Assistants

Ruoyao Shi

Ruoyao Shi is a graduate student in biostatistics at the University of Michigan. She received her B.S. in biology from Tang Aoqing Honors Program in Biological Science, Jilin University, China. She joined the lab as a visiting undergraduate student in 2019, and continued doing research with the lab during graduate studies. She is enthusiastic about biostatistics and biological big data analysis, and is also interested in volunteer service, music and art in her spare time.

Megan Grieco

Megan Grieco graduated from UVA in 2021 majored in Systems Engineering and works in the lab as a research assistant while preparing for medical school. She joined the lab in Spring 2019 and has been excited about gaining experience in data science and research within the biological field. In her free time, she likes to travel, cheer on the Hoos, and rewatch the Office.

Undergraduate Students

Class of 2022

Benjamin Ke

Ben Ke is an undergraduate student (Class of 2022) majoring in Biostatistics. He looks forward to learning how to apply statistical, coding, and other skills from the classroom in actual research. He currently volunteers at the UVA Hospital through Madison House and enjoys playing tennis and chess in his free time. After graduation, he hopes to study in a medically-related field.

Emilie Neulen

Emilie Neulen is a Biology major with a possible minor in German on the pre-med track (Class of 2022). She is extremely excited to learn more about using programming in Biology and hope to apply some of the skills she will be learning to future research. After graduating, she is planning on attending medical school. In her free time, she enjoys running, playing the violin, cooking, and volunteering at the Charlottesville SPCA.

Kuki Davey

Kuki Davey is an undergraduate student (class of 2022) from Jacksonville, Florida, majoring in Biology with a minor in Spanish. She is pursuing research opportunities because she is interested in learning about how computer science and biology intersect and are used to further advance the medical field. She hopes to attend medical school in the future. During her free time, she enjoys volunteering, traveling, and reading.

Class of 2023

Naomi Luu

Naomi Luu is an undergraduate student (Class of 2023) from Northern Virginia, majoring in Biology. She is interested in biomedical research, specifically the application and impact of computational methods on the study of human diseases. She is excited to explore how the study of computer science, biology, and statistics intersect. In her free time, she enjoys reading, going to concerts, and hiking. She also volunteers through Madison House and is a member of AMSA, the All Girls Stem Society, and Alpha Epsilon Delta at UVA.

Class of 2024

Caitlin McIntyre

Caitlin McIntyre is an undergraduate student (Class of 2024) from the Bay Area majoring in global public health or biology on a pre-health track. She is fascinated by the interdisciplinary nature of genomics research and harnessing this work to discover more about gene expression and human diseases. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering through Madison House, spending time with friends and listening to music.

Class of 2025

Ivory Tang

High School Student

Sonnet Xu

Sonnet is a current student at Troy High School (class of 2023) in Michigan interested in computational biology and computer science. She looks forward to learning more about gene expression and the epigenetic mechanisms of cancer. In her free time, she likes to hike outside and travel.

Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral Associates

Name Background Time at Lab Current Position
Christopher Dampier, MD MD, University of Michigan;
General Surgery Residency, University of Virginia
07/2019–05/2021 Pathology Fellow, National Cancer Institute, NIH

Graduate Students

Name Program Time at Lab Current Position
Yushan (Brandon) Feng BA/MS in Computer Science/Statistics 04/2018–05/2019 PhD Student in Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park
Jiangxue Han MS in Data Science 07/2018–08/2019 Capital One
Seung Hyun (Andrew) Lee BA/MS in Statistics 09/2018–05/2019 Graduate Student in Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania
Jamel Simpson PhD in Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) (Rotation) 01/2021–02/2021 PhD Student in BIMS, UVA
Wuwei Tan MS in Statistics 05/2017–05/2018 PhD Student in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas A&M University
Jose Verdezoto PhD in Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) (Rotation) 10/2020–11/2020 PhD Student in BIMS, UVA
Yifan Zhang MS in Biomedical Engineering 08/2018–12/2019

Undergraduate Students

Name Major Time at Lab Position after graduation
Yayi Feng Biology 09/2017–05/2020 MS Student in Data Science, UVA
Alex Hickman Biomedical Engineering 07/2020–05/2021 Engineer at Rivanna Medical
Aaron Ho Biochemistry and Computer Science 10/2018–05/2020
Zhou Lu Statistics and Economics 04/2018–05/2020 MS Student in Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University
Naifei Pan Statistics 04/2018–02/2019 Data Analyst at GSK
Sophie Park Biochemistry and Music 01/2019–08/2019 Postbac IRTA Research Fellow, NIH
Stephany Perez-Rojas Statistics 01/2018–08/2019 MS Student in Statistics, UVA
Xinyue Qiu Biology and Statistics 04/2019–05/2021 MS Student in Biostatistics, Yale University
Sekou Rowe NSF REU Summer Student; Chemical Engineering, Howard University 05/2019–08/2019 Undergrad Student in Chemical Engineering, Howard University
Allison Ryu Computer Science 09/2018–12/2018 Software engineer at Amazon
Celina Shih Summer Research Intern; Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University 05/2017–08/2017 Bioinformatician, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Zachary V. Thomas Biomedical Engineering 05/2019–05/2021 PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California
Jin Yong (Jeffrey) Yoo Computer Science 02/2018–05/2020 MS Student in Computer Science, UVA

Research Assistants

Name Background Time at Lab Current Position
Wenjing Ma MS in Computer Science, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications 08/2018–06/2019 PhD Student in Computer Science and Informatics (BMI track), Emory University
Yiren Wang BS in Astronomy, Peking University 07/2017–06/2018 Graduate Student in Statistics, Columbia University

Visting Scholars and Students

Name Primary Position Time at Lab Current Position (if different)
Gang Chen, MD, PhD Professor of Molecular Pathology, First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University 09/2018–08/2019
Rongquan He, MD PhD Student, Guangxi Medical University 03/2018–02/2019 Oncologist, Guangxi Medical University First Hospital
Qi Li PhD Student in Statistics, Tsinghua University 01/2018–02/2018, 03/2019
Wen Shen Undergraduate Student in Biological Sciences, Nanjing University 02/2018–05/2018 Graduate Student in Biomedical Informatics, Columbia University

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